A clearer view at your corporate governance practice.

WhistleWise: The Independent Whistle Blowing Center

WhistleWise is an independent whistle blower solution, developed to increase and sustain ethical conformance of a company's employees, as a part of the company's internal control environment especially in reducing the risk of frauds and legal incompliances. WhistleWise will ensure the effectiveness, transparency and independency of a company's whistle blowing policy.

WhistleWise facilitates employees in communicating ethical and legal violations they are aware of, by enabling them to submit a report through an anonymous and convenient method. The report will then be communicated to the company's Ombudsman or Audit Committee, so that proper actions can be taken immediately to resolve the problem.

WhistleWise will provide you with a clearer view on your corporate governance practice.

How Does WhistleWise Work?

WhistleWise will enable employees to report a violation occurred within the company, by the use of an intuitive and easy to use web portal. Employees will have the option to disclose their identity or maintaining their anonymity when submitting the report.

An online form will be used to help clarify the violation report that is being provided. The report will be submitted through an encrypted and secure method and stored in an independent facility.

Why WhistleWise?

Independency: WhistleWise is an independent 3rd party solution, and is operated under high discretion. This would provide assurance to the employees that all reports will be treated anonymously in accordance to their identity disclosure preference.

Easy to use: WhistleWise is designed to be used with very little training required. The system uses a simple and highly straightforward web interface, which only requires employees to understand how to operate an internet browser.

Security: WhistleWise is equipped with the most comprehensive security and encryption technology, ensuring the security of the entire whistle blowing process.

Automation: WhistleWise operates continuously 24 hours per day, ensuring that employees would be able to submit reports at their convenience. This system also accommodates a priority alert module, which will automatically notify the Ombudsman or Audit Committee whenever a specific violation report is submitted.

Request a Demo

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