Accelerated learning through business simulation game.

SkySims: Educational Business Simulation Game

Introducing SkySims

Conventional learning approaches are still very much the choice when it comes to learning. However, by only extracting knowledge from text books, case study, experience sharing, and other conventional methods, students rarely got the chance to apply the knowledge into a situation they can relate to.

To overcome this, many education experts has expressed the need of converging educational needs, theories, case studies with a more fun and engaging approach.This convergence is aimed to provide students with a rich and experience-based learning process, by integrating and blending all learning components into learning games, known as simulations.

Simulations are powerful tools to visualize, analyze,and operate complex systems. It enables the students to test hypotheses without having to carry them out, saving time and money.

Why Simulation?

Simulations can provide a risk-free learning environment that allows its players to make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. This unique approach can also stimulate exploration and experimentation, and most importantly, a decision making process.

The distinct effectiveness of simulations is created by its ability to accommodate new learning objectives into the learning process, such as:

  • Gain insight and stimulate creative thinking
  • Predict the course and results of an action
  • Understand why an observed events happen
  • Identify problem before implementation
  • And many more.

The SkySims Platform

SkySims can be used a platform to develop simulation games with any business-related field: marketing, strategic management, production, HRM, project management, and others.

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