Corporate Assessment,
the 21st century way.

Assesa: Online Assesment Platform

Introducing Assessa

Online education is more common than ever. Many educators and policy makers view online education as the wave of the future. One important part of online education is the ability to assess your clients and students using one of the most important modern day marvels, the web. Meet Assessa, the modern way to conduct professional assessment

Assessa is an online application, developed specifically to enable modern organization to conduct online assessment to its employees, students, or clients. Assessa allow you to author, create, and manage online assessment trough a very user friendly and intuitive interface.

Why Assessa?

Accessibility & Flexibility: Assessa can be accessed by anyone from anywhere, whenever it make sense - at night, morning, wee-hours. You're not tied to a specific venue.

Cost : Assessa can be operated remotely, and the application does not require you relocate to another venue to actually do the assessment.

Automation : Once your content and assessment materials are uploaded, let Assessa do the rest, from administering the assessment, scoring the exam, even notifying the final result to assessment participants.

Request a Demo

Send us an email at to request a 5 days access to a full working live demo of Assesa.